Geo.De.Sy is a complete drawing environment with survey utilities free for the customers of IQSoft and CivilShop. You can create drawing , open and save DWG and DXF untill Autocad version 2011, insert point to drawing , create grid, dtm beta , image correlation. It is the first release of the program. It is under hard development. The features that are in active development now are: DTM , Parcels .


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      Geo.De.Sy is a Drawing Environment with survey utilities free for the customers of IQSoft and CivilShop
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    Main Features

  • Complete drawing environment
  • Survey Routines for insert point , make grid , dtm etc.
  • Image tramsformation routines
  • Open and save DWG until version 2011 ,DXF

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What's NEW?

Geodesy Released.

Geodesy Released.

Geodesy Released.

Geodesy Released.

Geodesy 1.0 Relesed.
Geodetic Designer System
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